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Crono: A young man, residing in 1000 AD, he is the main charecter. He weilds dangerous samurai blades, his strongest weapon: The Rainbow Sword. He is a dangerous advesary, and a loyal friend.

Marle: The princess of Guardia. A tomboy, who is constantly held down to her duties by her father, King Guardia. A woman of stunning beauty, she first meets Crono at the Millenia fair. They accidently bump into one another and Crono kindly returns her pendant that was thrown to the ground during the accident. Marle asks Crono to show her around the fair, Crono aggress, not knowing her true identity. The epic adventure begins from here.

Lucca: Crono's genuis friend. An inventor on the island of Guardia. She weilds powerful guns and blasters, some made by herself. She presides with her father and mother, although her mother was severly injured and had her legs disable by an accident involving one of her and her fathers inventions.

Sega To Release New Role Playing Game
Posted 4/27

Word from Sega is that they're going to try to take back the RPG territory in a big way with a new game called "TimeJammers." It's supposed to offer control of six unique characters and multiple angles through the use of a rotating camera. My sources who've looked at a preview version say that the graphics are amazing, but that it's still very slow right now.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!